"...everything you provided was very helpful...I don't know how I would have accomplished anything without you." -L.H., Mississippi Teacher

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Fletcher Education Solutions (FES) offers an 8-week Test Prep Institute for student teachers and current teachers seeking to improve or pass their current Praxis score. FES coaches have assisted teachers throughout the country with both Praxis I and II exams using an innovative hands-on approach to test prep. In addition to providing participants with a study plan and schedule, FES supports participants through daily check-ins and weekly assessments. Participants are also provided access to three webinar sessions focused on time management, test anxiety, and tips and tricks for success.  



  • Support individuals eager to become certified classroom teachers and school leaders  

  • Increase diversity within the teacher workforce 

  • Support Educator Provider Programs (EPPs) eager to provide assistance to their candidates 

  • Provide rigorous research based and data driven test taking strategies 

  • Offer customized study plans and one-on-one coaching 

  • Assist current school districts transition paraprofessionals, teaching assistants, and long-term substitutes into full-time educators 



Commit. The Test Prep Institute is ready and prepared to support individuals ready to commit to the profession of teaching. Serving as an educator is hard work and oftentimes the journey to becoming a teacher can seem just as difficult. Therefore, the Test Prep Institute team expects every participant to commit to the program fully and in the same manner they will commit to serving their current and future students. The Test Prep Institute team firmly believes participants will succeed in the institute, the program, and beyond. 

Invest. The Test Prep Institute is ready and prepared to invest time and resources to individuals ready to commit to the profession of teaching. Becoming a teacher is an investment in oneself and the profession as a whole. Therefore, the Test Prep Institute team sets the bar high and expects participants to do the same. Investing in oneself as a participant of the Test Prep Institute means going above and beyond to ensure resources provided and recommended are utilized to the best of the participant’s ability. 

Trust the Process. The Test Prep Institute team believes the process to become a teacher should be an enjoyable one. Using a family and team model of care, support, and coaching, our team understands that the participant’s success is our success. Therefore, we encourage participants each step of the way to trust that if they commit to the process and invest in themselves, the outcome they seek is and has always been in their reach. 



Fletcher Education Solutions (FES) created a pilot version of the Intense Praxis Support Program in 2018 with just five participants. Since then, FES has helped test takers throughout the country prepare for their licensure exam. Participants agree to complete all programmatic requirements with the goal of showing notable improvements on their test performance. Pending pre-assessment findings, a 16-week or 20-week intervention will be recommended. Both options include a pre-assessment and interview, cumulative post-assessment prior to exam day, weekly assessments in the form of quizzes and essays, and daily check-ins via phone, email, and/or in person as seen in the figure below.