The Significance of STEM Education

As I’ve studied and been deeply engaged within STEM education over the past 10 years, confirmation on why all students should have access and exposure to STEM education is increasingly evident.

As a former high school state champion basketball player, all-star soccer player and top collegiate goalkeeper for the SWAC conference, I know far too well how influential sports were to my level of confidence and overall development. One thing I reflect on often is how much more influential and successful I could have been if I had been given access and exposure to STEM-based education and technology during my childhood. Because as we all know, STEM careers have changed the way jobs are created throughout the world.

Currently serving as a Director of one of the largest minority based non-profits in the United States, I stress to the hundreds of parents I work with annually to put education first in their child's life - even ahead of sports. Hands down, it is one of the best decisions they can make for their children. Millions of jobs in STEM go unfilled each day because our workforce is not prepared to fill the spots and because our current K-12 curriculum and is not accurately preparing our young people to fill those positions.

This blog serves as a general message to the everyday person who wants to see their child or loved ones thrive and be able to take advantage of opportunities that are more increasingly becoming available domestically and globally. I challenge you within your every day conversations to make STEM a area to cover. Connect STEM to you discussions regarding policy, the economy, our education system, your current job or even your religious and spiritual practices. However you want to do it, make it happen because technology is here to stay and we are all connected to it in ways we may have never imagined.


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